Quality and Safety

The Air Rescue Group has developed a specific service delivery model underpinned by a Clinical Governance framework that ensures that no medical personnel operate in isolation. From formal pre-mobilisation audits and emergency planning, through to case management and service delivery processes, every activity has 24/7 medical and quality oversight. This Clinical Governance structure provides 24/7 support to all Air Ambulance operations.


In order to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality standards, the Air Rescue Group adheres to stringent medical transportation standards. All cases are audited internally on a monthly basis by a multi-disciplinary team that comprises staff from the medical, operational components as well as specialist medical review, provider network and travel teams. Each of the Assistance Centers undergoes a Medical Transportation Standards Audit on an annual basis.


Additionally, our Air Ambulance aircraft operations are aviation safety audited annually or subscribe to independent aviation safety audit programmes. All Air Ambulance operations also subscribe to international Air Ambulance accreditations such as EURAMI and local Air Ambulance licensing and regulatory requirements.


Additional Quality Control Measure


In-house case management systems to monitor patient progress, Air Ambulance flight logistics and coordination. As part of this quality assessment process, our case management system records all these interactions as an Air Ambulance mission evolves.


Quality and Safety are key priorities in all of the Air Rescue Group’s operations. We are proud to maintain highly regarded safety and quality accreditations including:


  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • Flight Safety Foundation - BARS Founding Member
  • EURAMI (European Aeromedical Institute) accredited to provide Adult Critical Care on fixed-wing aircraft
  • Licensed by both Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services
  • Licensed by the South African Civil Aviation Authority for Air Ambulance operations